Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 86 of 365

Today i went on a Photowalk to Parys, Free State with a few friends

was a great day out. Here's how I saw it..

The suspension bridge

His and hers at Hoi Poloi

One of the many churches


  1. STUNNING! It really captures the day.;0)

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  3. It is stunning hey Sach, so many components rolled into one, Mal daaroor vriendin!

    Lol Sach, told K she's really good with the editing!

  4. I love life through your eyes!

  5. Thanks Sacha! was such a nice day out.
    pity about that train station ;0

    Liezel, i dont have a pretty maker tool!
    jys stunning vriendin!!

    Hey Kymmie!
    its so funny to look at the pics all of us took at the exact same spots and none of them are the same :-)